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Secret: three major differences between ceramics and sanitary industry

In the years before the reform and opening up, the Chinese government had the formulation and goal of eliminating the three major differences. The three major differences at the time were the differences between workers and peasants, urban differences, physical labor, and mental labor. As a senior media person in the ceramics industry and the sanitary industry, I have found that there are three major differences between the ceramic industry and the sanitary industry over time. Share as follows:


1. Whether it depends on the difference of raw materials

Ceramics is an ancient traditional industry, and the sanitary industry has a history of less than 100 years in China. The traditional ceramic producing areas Jingdezhen, Chaozhou, Dehua, Zhangzhou (enamel), Taipu, etc. all rely on the local raw materials to form spontaneously, and form their own characteristics. In recent years, inviting foreign investment, local governments will try their best to find their own advantages, and naturally there is the advantage of raw materials, which is necessary. If there is no advantage of raw materials in a ceramic production area, the enterprise will be very hard. Some enterprises go to traditional production areas for investment. Due to unrealistic prejudice, resources are exhausted and the results are afflicted. The formation and development of sanitary ware production areas are quite different. In addition to sanitary ceramics, hardware sanitary ware, shower rooms, bathroom cabinets, and emerging drying racks, smart toilet covers, etc., have nothing to do with the advantages of raw materials, even sanitary ceramics. It is also possible to disregard the advantages of raw materials, such as the emerging Weinan region.


I have seriously investigated why Kaiping Shuikou, Nan'anlun Cang and even Wenzhou have developed into the most important hardware and plumbing bases in China. Are the advantages of these places still there? I have not dared to make conclusions for a long time. Shuikou and Lun Cang have told me that this is a development from the iron shop. It turned out to be very poor and very occluded. Some people said that it was repaired and potted. I have been thinking for a long time, and in-depth investigation of the case of Hubei Huanggang development into China's premier kiln base, finally understand the reasons for the development of these industries in the local area, found that their biggest advantage at the beginning was that they were poor and had no advantage in eating. At the beginning, because it was too poor, the ancestors were poor and occluded, and there was no way to go. When the spring breeze of reform and opening up just came, when people felt that the hardware plumbing bathroom could be mixed with bowls of rice, the forerunners could not help but get excited. I went all out to work, and later discovered that I can make a fortune, be a boss, or be a brand. So more and more people are entering the market, and the investment is getting bigger and bigger, so that they can develop into production areas and industries. The formation of the clustering effect and the formation of the industrial chain. The raw materials are mainly short plates of copper, which can be overcome through large-scale procurement, logistics optimization, and product upgrades. The formation of China's three major hardware plumbing and sanitary ware production areas was that they did not have the advantage of doing anything at the time, that is, they did not have the advantage of eating. The kiln of Huanggang and the snacks of Shaxian County of Fujian are developed in this way. Unlike traditional ceramic production areas, which rely on mountains to eat mountains and rely on water, even the current ceramic tile production area still has dependence on raw materials. For example, Guangdong polished tiles are second to none. Because there is a black mud suitable for the production of polished tiles.


The three shower room bases of Foshan, Zhongshan and Pinghu, the development of these bathroom cabinet bases in Foshan, Xiaoshan, Chengdu, Changge, Chaozhou and emerging Anqing have nothing to do with raw materials.


Whether the dependence on raw materials is the primary difference between the ceramic industry and the sanitary industry. Due to this difference, the ceramic producing areas have different styles, raw materials and products are more difficult to standardize, and the sanitary industry is more suitable for modern rules, suitable for standardization and long-term planning, and more suitable for learning from emerging industries, such as home appliances and other industries, unlike ceramics. The industry is tailored to local conditions.


2. The difference between the independent completion of the product and the matching of Jackie Chan

This difference is very obvious from the perspective of the overall sanitary ware enterprises. Even from the pe

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